Excerpt – Intimacy

16 Shades of Lesbian Love
From the story

“Apartment 3D: Nine-Inch Nails”

“I was thinking,” Keri said softly, “that it’s time to go shopping.”

My hands stilled on the keyboard. “We can’t go over to Good Vibrations tonight.”

Keri’s voice, low and sexy, made my ears turn red. “There’s always online.”

“What brought this on?”

“You. You’ve got beads—so my woman was out there showing herself to other women. I think I need to remind her who she’s with. Besides”—a little purr of laughter softened her voice even further—“you wouldn’t believe the things I’ve heard through the walls tonight. There was major headboard action next door for at least an hour.”

I glanced at her expression, and my body immediately responded to the eager, heated glint in her eyes. It had been true from the day we’d met—whenever, however she wanted me, she had me.

My breath felt tight in my chest as I clicked over to the Good Vibes Web site.

“Let’s see what’s new,” Keri suggested as she put her hand on my bare arm.

I was intensely aware of the warmth of her touch as I navigated the pages. “Oh, look,” I said with mock cheerfulness. “They’ve got a new dolphin vibrator.”

Keri chortled. “With an interestingly placed dorsal fin. I know why some women prefer non-representational toys, but really, that just makes me think of Flipper.”

“I don’t want a dolphin doing me, thank you.”

“Not to mention that when I do you, I don’t want anything faster than lightning.” She trailed her fingertips on my forearm, and I was once again aware of the heat of her hand. “Now what,” she asked with a philosophical tone, “do you suppose you do with that little bunny?”

“No rabbits,” I said firmly. “No little Bunny Foo Foo for me.”

Her fingernails grazed my skin. “Well, we’ll just have to find something you do want. Go to the silicon page.”

A few clicks later she squeezed my arm, and I paused scrolling. “Which one?”

“The green one, of course. Was that what the leprechauns were wearing?”

“No, too short.”

“Look at the ridge, that’s fairly pronounced. I think your G-spot would like that.” Her fingers traveled up my arm to my shoulder, then down again, raising goose bumps in their wake.

My pants were feeling too tight now. “My G-spot likes everything you’ve ever used.”

“Take your clothes off,” she said softly. It was not a request.

Minor edits have been made to maintain a PG-13 rating for the Web.



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