Excerpt – Lesbian Love

16 Shades of Lesbian Love
From the story

“Apartment 1A: Come Hither, Woman”

Watching Ace fetch the clippers, Neenah felt the familiar swell of tenderness for the simple richness of their life. How could anyone think sharing the little things was boring when she reveled in all the details that made Ace the woman she was? All around her it seemed as if people fell in and out of love with rapidity, but she was just as in love with Ace’s brash, boisterous being as she’d been all those years ago, trying to come up with excuses to visit the doctor so she could chat with Ace again.

It wasn’t a long journey from Ace’s heels to her knees, but Neenah took her time, tracing the hard calf with her gaze until it gave way to the soft skin behind the knee. She smiled, recalling all the times she’d kissed her way along the journey, stopping to nibble at the softness. Ace’s fit of giggles and pleas for mercy from the tickling always broke the mood, but they recaptured it so easily, and laughter was always good for the soul.

If I weren’t so tired, Neenah mused. Ace’s inner thighs were smooth and yielding. A gentle touch of Neenah’s hands had never failed to part them, leading to hidden wonders. She knew that Ace had half her coworkers believing they had the kinkiest sex life in the city, but it wasn’t often that Ace wanted more than Neenah’s attentions at that sensitive, responsive spot. Their love was that simple, that intense and that pleasurable.

“What’s that look?” Ace had again caught her staring.

“I was thinking about your thighs.”

“Oh, really?” Ace turned toward the bath. “And what did you conclude?”

“That I love spending time between them.”

“And I love that you do.”

“I’m really glad you’re a woman.” Neenah stretched to touch Ace’s belly. “Every bit of you.”

“Me too. I’m fond of the machinery. Most of it, anyway, about twenty-four days out of every month.”

Neenah’s hand slipped down until she could coil a curl of Ace’s pubic hair around one finger. She tugged slightly. “Have a bath with me.”

“I thought that was the look I was getting.”

“What look?’

“Come hither, woman.”

Neenah pursed her lips. “Can you read me that easily?”

Ace slid into the other end of the tub, tucking her knees up and avoiding the faucet. “You’re an open book to me.”

“Well, if that’s so, what are you doing facing that way? Come hither, woman!” Neenah squealed as Ace’s immediate obedience sloshed water on the floor. “Goof.”

They nestled into the hot water, Ace turned in Neenah’s arms so they could kiss as they talked.

“I am really tired,” Neenah admitted. “But you are looking pretty good to me tonight.”

Ace blushed. It amazed Neenah that, after all these years, a statement of desire could make Ace turn so wonderfully red.

Minor edits have been made to maintain a PG-13 rating for the Web.



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