Excerpt – Role Play

16 Shades of Lesbian Love
From the story

“Apartment 3C: Avast!”

A wave of weakness blossomed in the wench’s heart at the tender touch of the pirate’s mouth to her own. The wave gave way to a pleasure so deep she felt it in the soles of her feet, in her sex, in the rising tautness of her nipples.

Too late she felt the pirate lifting her arms to the waiting loops of rope. Her opportunity to struggle would be gone once they were tightened, but she moved too slowly. In moments her arms were stretched above her head.

“I will never surrender.”

The pirate lifted herself off the wench’s body. “I’ve not asked for the white flag from you.” With a low growl, she stooped to catch one nipple between her teeth. The wench’s body came up off the bed, and she smiled fiercely. “I don’t need it to have you exactly as I want. You are mine.”

“Never,” the wench breathed. The sharp sensation in her nipple was matched by a clenching in her sex of a kind she had never felt before.

With a little moan, she realized the pirate was leaving the bed. The tight-fitting muslin shirt was already damp with sweat across the pirate’s back, and the extravagant sleeves had lost their crisp appearance.

“Don’t go,” the wench finally said, when the pirate reached the door.

“You wish me to stay?”

Softly, the wench said, “Yes.”

“Then don’t worry, sweetheart. I’ve only a few matters of ship’s business to attend to. We are only beginning the night, you and I.”

The pirate’s gaze traveled over the wench’s stretched out form. Then she retraced her steps to stand over the bed. Removing her hat, she pulled the head scarf underneath off as well. She wound the silk in her hands, then leaned over the wench.

The wench could not have described the feelings that suffused her as the pirate tied the scarf around her head, covering her eyes. She did not anticipate the press of the pirate’s mouth to hers, or the teasing fingers that came out of nowhere to pull firmly on her nipples.

“I want you to think about what I will do to you when I return. I want you completely focused on how I will make you mine. Why would I want you to surrender when conquering you will be more to my liking?”

Minor edits have been made to maintain a PG-13 rating for the Web.



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